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Homeownership in Fort Worth, Texas

There are many factors that draw people to call Fort Worth home. A few things that top the list are the “wild west” vibe, the excellent museums, the dining, festivals, and on top of all that—the low cost of living. You might think of “Cowboy Culture” when you think of Fort Worth, but as the 5th largest city in Texas, there’s that and so much more! If you are thinking of becoming a homeowner in Fort Worth, you’ll also find there’s so much more to finding the right lender for your individual situation. Supreme Lending is a local mortgage lender in Fort Worth, and we are experts in the Texas market. Here are a few Fort Worth facts for future homeowners:

Fort Worth  Population

April 2023 Median Home Listing Price

Rank Amongst Largest Cities in The US

Total Number of Schools in Fort Worth (Public and Private)

Tarrant County

Supreme Lending—The Mortgage Company to Trust in Fort Worth, Texas

Although it is a big city, Fort Worth has a small-town, quaint feel. At Supreme Lending, we provide a personalized level of service to our Fort Worth neighbors, treating them like family members. We want to be the mortgage provider Fort Worth residents trust for life. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer looking for your first home loan, or you want to refinance your Fort Worth home, you will want to work with a lender that has your best interests in mind. With Supreme Lending, you will never be just a loan number. In addition, you will see that getting the right mortgage can be an easy and positive experience. Our Texas mortgage professionals will be on your side and ready to walk with you wherever your journey of becoming a homeowner takes you. Let us show you the difference in working with a local mortgage lender.

Home loans in Fort Worth, Texas

Going Above and Beyond for First-Time Homebuyers in Texas

First-time homebuyers are often tentative about entering the real estate market. We understand that it can seem like a daunting task to qualify for a mortgage, but our mortgage professionals are here to guide you along the way. Supreme Lending offers a full range of mortgage solutions to help our first-time homebuyers with their home loan needs. You may be wondering what type of home loan is best for you. You might have questions like how much do I need to put down? Can I use gift funds for part of my down payment? What credit score will I need to qualify? We’ll take a quick look at some of the home loan options we offer that might fit your profile, but rest assured, we will take the time to assess your individual situation.

Conventional Home Loan

A conventional home loan can offer a first-time homebuyer competitive interest rates and low down payment options for those that qualify.

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FHA Home Loan

An FHA loan can offer first-time homebuyers easier credit qualifications as well as low down payment options.
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Conventional Home Loan

A conventional home loan can offer a first-time homebuyer competitive interest rates and low down payment options for those that qualify.

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Supreme Lending

Fort Worth’s Mortgage Refinance Loan Experts

If you are happy with the Fort Worth home you own, but you think can improve your mortgage terms, the mortgage professionals at Supreme Lending are ready to step in and assist. Once we understand your long-term goals as a homeowner, we’ll provide you with the best potential options for a home loan refinance. Refinancing may get you more favorable terms and a lower monthly payment. If you need extra cash for home renovations, college tuition, or any other purpose, a mortgage refinance might be the answer. Here are a few objectives we may be able to assist you with:

Obtain a lower interest rate.

If you would like to see if you qualify for a lower interest rate, our mortgage professionals can review your situation and see if there is a loan program that achieves this goal.

Cah-Out equity.

If you would like to access the equity you’ve built in your home, we have cash-out refinance loans that can help you achieve this goal.

Change the loan term.

If you would like to change your loan term, say from a 30-year term to a 15-year term, we can help you achieve this goal as well.


Understanding Your Mortgage Closing Disclosure

Understanding Your Mortgage Closing Disclosure

As you navigate the maze of paperwork during the homebuying journey you'll encounter a crucial document: the Mortgage Closing Disclosure. This document is essential for understanding the details of your mortgage before you finalize your transaction. Key Features of a Mortgage Closing Disclosure A...

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Texas Home Loan Refinance Specialists

Perhaps you’re hoping to save money on your monthly payment by obtaining a lower interest rate on the mortgage of your Arlington home. Or maybe you’re planning on a mortgage refinance to change your loan terms or free up some cash. Depending on what you hope to achieve, Supreme Lending can help ensure you get the right solution to meet your goals.

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