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Argyle, Texas

Homeownership in Rockwall, Texas

Nestled in the northeastern part of Texas, Rockwall offers its residents a picturesque and vibrant community to call home. As part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Rockwall enjoys proximity to major urban centers while maintaining its unique small-town charm. Whether you are considering purchasing a home in Rockwall or looking to refinance your existing property, you can count on the expertise of the local mortgage professionals at Supreme Lending. Here are some key facts and figures about Rockwall:

Rockwall Population

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Public School Rating


Rockwall Land Area (sq. miles)

Rockwall County

Your Hometown Lender in Rockwall, Texas

Rockwall’s natural beauty and family-friendly amenities make it an attractive destination for homeowners. The city boasts multiple parks and easy access to local lakes, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities and recreation. Residents can enjoy a small-town atmosphere while still being close to all the conveniences and services of a larger city. With decades of experience under our belt, Supreme Lending is proud to be one of the top mortgage lenders in Texas. Our priority is always your best interest, and we strive to build lasting relationships with our clients based on trust and reliability.

Financing Options for First-Time Homebuyers in Rockwall

As a local mortgage lender, Supreme Lending takes pride in assisting first-time homebuyers in Rockwall. Whether you’re a newcomer to the housing market or an experienced homeowner, our team of friendly and knowledgeable mortgage professionals is dedicated to helping you find the best-fit home loan option for your needs and goals. Rockwall residents have access to various types of loans, including government-backed options like FHA, VA, and USDA loans, as well as conventional loans. Each loan type has advantages, such as lower down payment options or competitive interest rates, catering to different financial situations and preferences.

Conventional Home Loan

A conventional home loan can offer a first-time homebuyer competitive interest rates and low down payment options for those that qualify.

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FHA Home Loan

An FHA loan can offer first-time homebuyers easier credit qualifications as well as low down payment options.
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Conventional Home Loan

A conventional home loan can offer a first-time homebuyer competitive interest rates and low down payment options for those that qualify.

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Texas’ Choice for a Home Loan Refinance

With 77% of the population owning their homes in Rockwall, mortgage refinancing is a relevant consideration for many homeowners. Supreme Lending offers a range of refinancing options, and our team takes the time to understand homeowners’ goals and needs. Not sure if now is the right time to refinance? We can explore your options, explain the benefits of different loan programs, and help you determine when to make the leap. As your local mortgage lender, you’ll have expert guidance throughout the refinancing process. Homeowners in Rockwall may refinance for various reasons:

Cash-out refinance

Are you looking to use a cash-out refinance to pay off debt? Or maybe to pay for your child’s education? These are a few reasons for a cash-out refinance.

Lower your rate or reduce loan term

Maybe you are a homeowner looking to lower your rate or reduce the term of your loan. These are some of the most common reasons homeowners choose to refinance.

Remove private mortgage insurance

Another reason for a mortgage refinance is to get rid of private mortgage insurance (PMI). Typically, once you have 20% equity in your home on a conventional mortgage, you can avoid the monthly PMI payment.

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