Are you dreaming of a home nestled in the serene countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of city life? If so, a USDA loan could be your ticket to rural living bliss. Designed to support homebuyers in rural areas, USDA loans offer a range of benefits that potentially make homeownership in the countryside more accessible and affordable than ever before.

Here’s why USDA loans from Supreme Lending might be the perfect solution for your rural living aspirations:

No Down Payment Requirement

A significant barrier to homeownership for many individuals and families is often the down payment. With USDA loans, there’s no down payment requirement, allowing you to move into your dream home without having to save for a large upfront payment.

Flexible Credit Score Requirements

Worried about your credit score? Even if your credit score is as low as 600, you may still be eligible for financing.

Lower Closing Costs and Interest Rates

USDA loans typically come with lower closing costs and interest rates compared to conventional loans, which may help you save money both upfront and over the life of your mortgage.

100% Financing

With USDA loans, you can finance up to 100% of the purchase price of your home. Plus, the one-time guarantee fee can be rolled into the loan, minimizing your out-of-pocket expenses at closing.

Gift Funds and Grants Permitted

Need help with your down payment or closing costs? USDA loans allow gift funds and grants from family members or government assistance agencies, which may provide additional flexibility for homebuyers.

Eligible Properties

Whether you’re eyeing a single-family home, new construction, modular home, planned unit development (PUD), or eligible condominium, USDA loans offer financing options for a variety of property types, making it easier to find the perfect rural retreat.

Income Limits Apply

To qualify for a USDA loan, your income must fall within USDA Rural Development limits for the area. However, these limits vary depending on location and household size, so be sure to ask your Supreme Lending mortgage professional for details.

Unlock Your Rural Living Dreams with USDA Loans

If you’re ready to escape to the tranquility of rural living, a USDA loan from Supreme Lending may help turn your dream into a reality. With no down payment requirement, flexible credit score options, and attractive financing terms, USDA loans may make homeownership in rural areas more accessible than ever before.

To determine if your property is eligible for a USDA loan or to learn more about your financing options, contact Supreme Lending today! Your rural oasis awaits!